Seven West El Paso businesses receiving toys, food and blankets for needy families this Christmas

IMG_0780Seven West El Paso businesses have signed up to as drop off points for toys, blankets, coats and non-perishable items for the Tree of Hopes Christmas food and toy distribution project on December 22.   They include Avila’s Mexican Food Restaurant, 6232 Mesa; Starbucks at Sunland Park and 6015 N. Mesa; Starbucks at Redd Road and I-10 West (5650 Desert Blvd); AlphaGraphics, 6303 N Mesa St; CVS Pharmacy, 680 E Redd Road; Ardovino’s Pizza 2, 865 N Resler Dr M; and Charlie Clark Nissan, 6451 S Desert Blvd.  The deadline to donate is December 20

On December 22, 2018 Tree of Hopes of El Paso and Mexico are planning a special Christmas food and toy distribution project in far northwest Juárez near the Santa Teresa Bridge border crossing.  With the support of Rotary Clubs in El Paso, Tree of Hopes plans to help needy families living in one of the poorest areas of the city along the Texas-New Mexico border with Mexico.  Last Christmas the group’s founder and Past President of the Rotary Club of El Paso, Rick LoBello, saw firsthand the great need so many people in this area experience when he helped the Comedor Aposento on Christmas Eve.  Volunteers distributed blankets and food baskets and toys donated by Service Systems and Associates Safari Outfitters gift shop at the El Paso Zoo. This year Tree of Hopes is inviting friends, Rotarians and others who are interested to be a part of an expanded effort on December 22.  The organization needs help in raising funds to purchase food items and other items like toys and blankets.  Donations of toys, non perishable food items, clothes and blankets are also being accepted between now and December 20.

To learn more visit or send a text message or email to Rick LoBello at 915-474-1456 (Send a text to arrange for a call) or

The mission of Tree of Hopes is to support humanitarian efforts to help needy families living along the US Mexico border in the Juarez, Chihuahua – El Paso, Texas region.


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