Tree of Hopes Update

Sleeping area at Tree of Hopes in Juarez

Most people are familiar with the immigration crisis on our border, but not everyone is hearing news from people working on the front lines. Volunteers at Tree of Hopes have been working every day for over a year now doing just that. Everyone here is a volunteer and no one at Tree of Hopes receives a salary. If there ever was a mission of mercy this place certainly qualifies.

We estimate that over 500 people have stayed at our make shift shelter over the past year and a half sleeping on beds when they are available or on mats inside a church.

Late night meeting in the church. Migrants are encouraged to stay away from anyone who might try to convince them to risk their safety to get the US. Most of the people we are caring for get in line to come to the US and are following immigration laws with one family recently staying with us for over two years before they received permission to cross.

We tell people who want to help us that donations are always accepted and thanks to the Rotary Foundation in El Paso donations can be made so that they are tax deductible.

The need is great, so great that many will not fully realize how significant their contributions are until they take a closer look and get involved. Currently we need not just money, but volunteer support in helping with communications with the migrants, help with clothes and personal items and so much more. We need things like light bulbs and a critical new water system since the city water in this part of Juarez is often cut off for days.

If you would like to get involved in anyway please contact us.

This is an aerial view of Tree of Hopes in Juarez. In addition to a new water system we also need help with security fencing.

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